Family Law

Whether you are seeking a divorce, need modifications to your child support arrangement, or are trying to protect your paternity rights, experienced legal representation can help you resolve your issue with minimal emotional and financial impact.

The law firm of Camic Johnson Ltd., in Aurora, Illinois, has three decades of experience and is committed to making the legal process easier for you.The attorneys at Camic Johnson handle all types of family law cases, from simple divorces to complex cases involving custody disputes and millions of dollars in assets.Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal services for family law issues such as:


While negotiated settlements are almost always preferable compared to the expense, time and bitterness that can accompany a court battle, we are able and willing to protect your interests in court against an unreasonable spouse.

Child custody and visitation

Making decisions about child custody and visitation can be the most difficult aspect of a divorce. Our lawyers have helped hundreds of families reach an agreement.

Child support

Our lawyers can ensure child support is calculated accurately.

Spousal support: While child support is decided by statutory guidelines in Illinois, the spousal support regulations have much more room for interpretation.

Post-divorce disputes

The end of your marriage does not necessarily mean the end of disputes with your ex. Our lawyers can help you with issues involving child support, visitation and custody.

The priority for the firm is helping you obtain the best possible outcome as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a Camic Johnson client, you can be confident your interests will be represented skillfully.

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