April 27, 2020

Kane County Court Extends Scaled Back Operations To After June 1

SOURCE: Kane County Recycles


Clint Hull, chief judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit in Kane County, has ordered that most criminal and civil cases be continued to after June 1, 2020.

“This decision is to protect the health and safety of the general public and courthouse employees and made after consultation with the presiding judges and offices of the County Board, State’s Attorney, Public Defender, Court Services, Circuit Clerk, and representatives of the private bar,” Hull said in a news release issued today.

The Kane County Judicial Center at 37W777 Route 38 in St. Charles, and Kane County Juvenile Justice Center at 37W655 Route 38 in St. Charles remain open to hear those cases deemed essential and any emergency motions.

Essential cases include but are not limited to in-custody criminal cases, order of protection hearings, juvenile delinquency, juvenile abuse and neglect, mental health hearings and emergency matters.

All cases set for trial between April 22 and July 31, 2020 shall be continued until Aug. 3, 2020. The Circuit Clerk will reschedule all trial matters for status and resetting of a new trial date after Aug. 3.

Branch courts will remain closed through Friday, May 29, and re-open Monday, June 1, 2020. They include Aurora Branch Court at 1200 East Indian Trial Road, the Elgin Branch Court at 150 Dexter Court and Kane County Branch Court at 530 S. Randall Road in St. Charles.

All bond call matters will continue to be heard at the Kane County Judicial Center until June 1, 2020, by video.

“We appreciate the cooperation we have received from everyone involved in the court system. We are doing our best to balance the needs of protecting the public and our courthouse staff with keeping the courthouse open to hear those cases that must be heard. We are focused on cases that involve individuals who are in-custody and those matters that are required for the protection of individuals and the public.”

Additional safety measures include limiting the number of people allowed into a courtroom to no more than ten people and that all individuals including the staff and public must remain separated by no less than 6 feet.

The Circuit Clerk’s Office will be mailing new court dates to the last known mailing address. Questions about future court dates should be directed to the Kane County Circuit Court Clerk at 630-232-3413 or circuitclerk@co.kane.il.us.

Next court dates will also be available through the public portal on the Kane County Circuit Clerk’s website at www.cic.co.kane.il.us. Users should have case numbers or party names available.

New court dates will not be immediately available. Officials ask that you wait seven to 10 days after your regularly scheduled court date before calling about your new court date.

Additional information can be found at the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit website at www.illinois16thjudicialcircuit.org.

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